Welcome to Rwanda.

Land of a thousand hills

Welcome to Rwanda

Come and witness 26 years of nation building and social development based on healing and reconciliation.

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Enjoy our natural beauty and magnificent outdoors.

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Come and feel the spirit of our people and the soul of our emerging nation.

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Our services are tailored with options to meet the expectations of those wishing to learn about Rwanda emergence and what they can learn and share from their life’s’ journey. Our deliverable to the customers is shared fulfillment and their feedback will be the lifeline in the evolution of our purpose..

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Why Rwanda ?

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and I am an African American. I now reside in Rwanda and it is just amazing to see how this population has flourished after the tragedy which transpired here in 1994. Just how did the miracle of nation wide reconciliation really happen here so swiftly after the horrific genocide? The responses range from God’s will to potential in the unified field of consciousness. Everyone has an opinion but it remains an enigma. Folks, Rwanda is calling you to come and hear bone chilling accounts of perpetrators and pain of the victims loved ones; their horror and the journey to forgiveness even love and marriage. At every turn, you will bear witness to Rwanda’s progress and enjoy the lush African flora and diverse fauna on rolling hillsides and inviting lakes. After ten days in Rwanda, C.J. Bolton Caribbean psychologist remarked “if you wish to heal life wounds by inspiration and imagination this small country in the middle of the continent beckons you”. This incentivized me to create Amryl Life Tours, a division of Judith Safaris.net a successful tour company in Kigali and offer a spiritual odyssey for our visitors.

Colin Roach
Project creator